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The Handmaid’s Tale 75’00” 

Chamber Opera, Composed 2012-13

Premiered January 2014 at Jacqueline du Pre Music Building, Oxford

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I have all the words I need

For Solo Piano, Composed March-April 2014


Resonant Frequencies 5’00” approx.

Work for solo piano and mobile phone, Composed February 2007


Glissando/Glissandi 4’00”

Work for solo cello and electronic tape delay, Composed in October 2005

Premiered in June 2006 by Ross Gooderson


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Land Grab

Soundscape of recordings, diffused via mobile phones/tablets, Composed in 2012



Installation piece – cloth sculpture, projector, speaker, contact microphone, vase and rice grains, Created in 2012


Striations 20’00”

Installation piece for mixed ensemble, Composed January/February 2009

Premiered in March 2009 at the Sage, Gateshead by Palimpsest Ensemble, Durham University


A Night in the Pipeline

Electroacoustic work, Composed during 2008


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Broken Thumbs

Work for orchestra (8/6/4/4/2 2222 2200 + actor/speaker with megaphone), Composed during 2012.

Premiered by Oxford Philomusica in March 2013 at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford

Excerpt from ‘Broken Thumbs’


Out of Aura

Work for orchestra  (8/6/4/4/2 2222 2200 + vibraphone), Composed March 2010


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Night, or nothing 5’30”

For mezzo-soprano, piano and pre-recorded material on mobile phone, Composed October 2011

Premiered November 2011 at M@SH Marathon

ListenExcerpt from ‘Night, or nothing’


There is no sign 4’20”

Work for choir (SSAATTBB), Composed January 2012

Workshopped by the BBC Singers in March 2012

Excerpt from ‘There is no sign’


Refrain 3’30”

Work for soprano and alto solo with mixed voices, Composed February 2010

Workshopped by the BBC Singers 1st March, 2010


German Bight 3’55”

Work for string trio, female vocalist and electronic reverb, Composed May 2008

Premiered in June 2008 by Lizzie Macneill and Durham University students


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Our Movement Rises

Work for string quartet, Composed July 2015

Written for the “Requiem for Arctic Ice” for Greenpeace UK

Listen. Full recording on Soundcloud by the Ligeti Quartet.


Nunatak 5’20”

Work for viol consort, Composed September 2011

Excerpt from ‘Nunatak’


Necessary Experiment 3’30”

Work for mixed ensemble, Composed October 2010, revised November 2011


Larch & Decay 4’00”

Work for chamber orchestra and FM radio, Composed January 2010

Performed 13th November by Ensemble ISIS at the M@SH Marathon, the Jacqueline du Pré Music Building


Larch & Decay (alternative version) 4’00”

Work for chamber orchestra

Performed 6th March 2010 by members of the London Chamber Orchestra at the Octagon, Queen Mary University

Performed 22nd May 2010 by members of the London Chamber Orchestra at St John’s, Smith Square

Excerpt from ‘Larch & Decay’


Labyrinthitis: Diamond, Glass, Clock (Open works)

Three short pieces for harp, piano and ‘cello, Composed June 2009


Into 7’00”

Work for ensemble of two pianos, two violins and two flutes (with two mobile phones), Composed February 2009

Premiered in May 2009 by Stranded Ensemble, King’s College London


Pink Snow 4’50”

Work for Baritone, Piano and String Quintet, Composed May 2009

Performed by Mr. McFall’s Chamber in May 2009


Ecke 7’00”

Work for string quartet, Composed throughout 2008/9

Premiered in June 2009 by Durham University Students, performed in 2011 in Pavia, Italy

ListenExcerpt from ‘Ecke’


The Scent of an Antique Incantation 4’20”

Work for piano, flute, clarinet, cello and cimbalom, Composed February 2008

Premiered in June 2008 by Durham University students


A Dog in Sharjah 4’20” approx.

Work for mixed ensemble, Composed April/May 2007


String Quartet 3’55”

Work for string quartet, Composed October 2006

Premiered in November 2006 by Durham University students


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